“Style is Substance”

Ice Planet Design is a Texas-based Graphics House specializing in the art of rock and/or roll...

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Dallas, TX, USA

Latest Works

Alpha-11 + Album Design
Krash Rover + Web Design
Krash Rover + Posters / Promo
Leatherbal + Album Design
Abandon City! + Logo Design
Krash Rover + Album Design
Leatherbal + Posters / Promo
Krash Rover + Logo Design
Steve Earnhart + Web Design

Greatest Hits

Alpha-11 + Album Design
Meditation + Illustration / Fun
Mirror of Fortune + Illustration / Fun
3345 Music + Logo Design
Leatherbal + Posters / Promo
Bishop Manor + Web Design
Blood of the Sun + Album Design
Baboon + Album Design
Flickerstick + Album Design

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