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Below are prices and information for all of our standard services. Please note that just because it’s not listed, doesn’t mean we won’t design it. Also, please note that we are DESIGNERS, not printers. We do not print in-house, we send the final design files directly to you (or the printer of your choosing) upon project completion. Lastly, all prices are subject to change, should additional time or budgetary concerns arise. Check out our services below, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

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Album Design

(CDs, Digipaks, Vinyl, whatever you need…)

Click the image above for tons of our Album Design samples.

Album design is our passion and our specialty. With each new project we continually expand our design boundaries and learn new ways to communicate with a new audience. We use your music and established identity as a basis of inspiration for the entirety of the project, resulting in a final product that is both inspired and true to you. Whether you have pre-existing ideas to start from, no ideas whatsoever, or a little bit of both, we are happy to see the vision through with as much or as little input as you prefer.

For our most frequently asked questions, check out the Project Guidelines section to the right, or simply send us an e-mail if you have any additional questions or are ready to begin discussing a new project.

  • 1-Panel (Digital Cover Only) = $200

    Single panel for digital-only releases. Specifically designed and optimized for itunes and digital applications.

  • 2-Panel (Slipcase) = $300

    Includes disc art and double-sided square slipcase.

  • 2-Panel (Jewel Case) = $350

    Includes disc art, double-sided traycard, and double-sided single square insert.

  • 4-Panel (Jewel Case or DigiPak) = $500

    Includes disc art, double-sided traycard, and double-sided single-folded insert.

  • 6-Panel (Jewel Case or DigiPak) = $650

    Includes disc art, double-sided traycard, and double-sided dual-folded insert.

  • 8-Panel (Jewel Case or DigiPak) = $800

    Includes disc art, double-sided traycard, and double-sided triple-folded insert or stapled booklet.

Logo Design

(All-purpose, universal formats, vector…)

Click the image above for tons of our Logo Design samples.

Obsessively crafted vector logos, type treatments and brand icons give you a consistent look and identity over endless media applications, from stickers to albums to shirts to drumheads to letterheads and anything else that might happen to come up in the long-term. It is our ultimate goal to create a logo that is bold, flexible and truly exclusive to your identity. Scalable vectors and multiple output formats also mean that your logo will stand out in black and white as well as full-color treatments.

  • Scalable Vector Logo Design = $250

    Includes at least three initial logo versions, and up to three rounds of revision (if requested.)

Posters / Promotional / Merchandise Design

(Posters, Shirts, Stickers, Postcards, Bizcards, etc…)

Click the image above for tons of our Posters / Promo / Merch Design samples.

There are so many categories and variations of promotional and merchandise items that it is hard to narrow down and summarize, but whatever it is you need, chances are we can provide a great design for it. We have designed everything from store signage to presskits to tattoos to film posters. If you need something that is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to ask if we might take you up on it. There’s a good possibility we will.

  • Posters, Shirts, Postcards, Flyers, Promo Sheets = $250/side

    Virtually any size you need, plus spot color or full-color output options available.

  • Business Cards, Stickers, Patches, Buttons = $200/side

    Virtually any size you need, plus spot color or full-color output options available.

Web Design

(CSS and HTML with CMS template integration where applicable…)

Click the image above for archived website design samples.

Although we are no longer regularly designing websites, should the right web project come up, you might be able to convince us to take on yours. (Specifically if it feels right, business is slow, or it is connected to another design project of yours that we have previously completed or are currently undertaking.) Don’t be afraid to ask, you never know what we might say.

  • Standard Hourly Rate for Web Design / Updates / Maintenance = $40/hr

    Template customization, simple one-pagers, infrequent updates, or maintanence on your existing site.

Website Hosting

(Full-featured Web Hosting for your site…)

Although we don’t actively promote it, we also offer complete webhosting services, regardless of whether your site was designed by us or not. Webhosting Gold includes 200mb of space, up to 10 e-mail accounts (access via POP or Webmail), and unlimited e-mail forwarders (aliases). Full FTP and cPanel access allow you to configure your own passwords, domain info, e-mail, mailing lists, error documents, PHP, mySQL, view stats, or backup your site directly from the web at any time.

  • Webhosting Gold = $75/year

    Regarding Backups: All Webhosting Gold sites are fully backed up on a bi-annual basis. This means that in the event of a catastrophic server failure, your website may be fully restored from our most recent backup. In addition to this, you are free to back up your entire site on your own at any time via cPanel. Ice Planet will not be held liable for loss of business income as a result of data loss or server downtime.

    Regarding Webmail: The webmail feature is offered as-is. On occasion, these webmail programs are automatically upgraded to add new features and/or increase performance. Additionally, these programs may vary from browser to browser and computer to computer. In the event that you have webmail issues, we will be happy to help as best we can, but will not be held liable for any loss of business income or data as a result of using webmail. Use at your own discretion. In the event that you have problems with webmail, we recommend you use POP or forwarders instead.

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